12m cliffjump in Phi Phi Laguna, Thailand

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  7. 12m cliffjump in Phi Phi Laguna, Thailand

During my last visit to Thailand  I only wrote very few words as I was having food poisoning. Before that happened though, I had an amazing guided trip which included a cliffjump from a 12m cliff. When I signed up to the jump we figured it would be some well tested place with lots of space and an easy path to the top so that any fat white tourist could do it. I was wrong. It was not until we got there we realized we had to free climb a pretty vertical cliff. And on top of that they didn’t even move the boat underneath until we asked so that at least when we fell down we wouldn’t have to deal with the boat’s rather hard exterior as well. Happy to say, I made it to the top and with GoPro in hand – I jumped.

Below is the cliff that we climbed and jumped from as seen from the boat.

cliffjump from boat
The cliff as seen from the boat

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