Useful Links

This page contains a number of useful links and is here so that I can remember the webpages and general advice I’ve received over the years and to keep them in one place.

Route planners

Rome 2 Rio– A general route planner: plane, train, bus, ferry and automobile


Momondo – Great page for finding cheap flights. Centered around Europe.

Skyscanner – Stands out by having the possibility to search for flights going “everywhere”

Facebook: Secret Flying – Facebook group that helps find Error fares


Seat 61– Great advice on most of the worlds big train routes


Everything Everywhere – Overview of active travel blogs

Daves Travel Corner – Another impressive overview of active travel blogs

Virtual Wayfarer– A travel blog run by one of my friends who has helped me a lot.

Daily Travel Podcast

The Secret Traveller – Award winning travel-writer has gone incognito to share some of his best kept secrets and travel tips.


Rocketmiles – Hotel search page that let’s you search for places to stay that gives loyalty points to any specific miles program.


Virtual Wayfarer – Why I decided against travel blogging
Post by my buddy Alex over at Virtual Wayfarer about why voting against travel blogging as a full time travelling job.

Hostel Management Forum– Forums about running/working a hostel

Freelancer – Place to go get freelance work

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