Thailand – Ko phi phi & Krabi

  1. First day in Penang, Malaysia
  2. Settling in – To work in Penang
  3. Weekend trip to Singapore
  4. Wrapping up life in Penang
  5. Beach hopping in Phuket, Thailand…
  6. Thailand – Ko phi phi & Krabi
  7. 12m cliffjump in Phi Phi Laguna, Thailand

The next morning i took the ferry to Krabi and I just spent most of my evening in the hostel room and rested up. I slept so much and the next morning I was finally feeling well and from there on out I didn’t have any problems with my stomach.

The evening before I wanted to go drink a beer but I decided to abstain so as to not push my luck. The hostel had a really nice bar though!

Around noon I took the plane out of Krabi to Kuala Lumpur and that was the last I saw of Thailand.

My buddy over at has made a great post about Kuala Lumpur if you’re interested

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