Roadtrip to Morocco

Taking a roadtrip all the way to Morocco in Africa from the cold north of Denmark, Europe might at first glance seem like a fool’s errand. It’s more expensive, slower and more uncomfortable than flying. And to top it off we, me and two good buddies, only have 8 days which is barely enough to drive the 3200 km’s there and the 3200 km’s to get back again. So why even do it? The answer is simple – because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Just grab your car and drive to Africa. Tomorrow, on the 2nd day of christmas, after christmas lunch with the families we are heading off down the German autobahn, crossing through France and Spain (and possibly Switzerland or Belgium and Holland depending on the route) all the way to Algeciras, Spain. From there we will take the ferry to Tangier.

We don’t have much planned other than to celebrate New Years in Morocco which itself could turn out to be quite the experience, seeing as they don’t really celebrate it down there and also due to the fact that alcohol isn’t really such an incorporated part of their culture as is it is back home. Maybe smoke a shisha?

Alright then, but that’s it for now. Better get packing. Stay tuned for updates the next couple of days.

With satnav and bluetooth!
Our chariot for the trip

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