Waking up in Warsaw!


Today we woke up in Warsaw! Not only did we hitchhike from denmark to warsaw in a about 30 hours, we also ended up meeting the nicest truck driver and his family. His name is Cristoph and at the time of writing we are sitting at his computer in his house with his kids running around and all is good 🙂

This is Cristoph:

As luck would have it, their neighbours daughter were having a party and we were invited. Its the one in “red” that just turned 21.


We brought some danish “1enkelt” and some polish sobiesky vodka and we were good to go.

Remember to follow our travel diary which also has a great description of what showed to be one of the most adventurous and exciting days of my life:


But to sum it all up we are now ready to embark on more adventures in Poland. Including the whole “getting our passports” problem mentioned earlier. The only thing we know is that the mail with our passports have been “delayed”..

Thats it for now!




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