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Free camping on the beach on Maui, Hawaii

We rented a car for a few days, bought a tent in Walmart and went free camping. Free camping is free camping on public land.

Can you do it on Maui? Absolutely. Is it legal? meeeeeehh. Ish.

It’s tolerated and if you stick to a few rules, you’ll be fine. Ask me in comments if you want advice.


This is the view when we wake up in the tent – I mean, holy smokes. The night before we actually very seriously feared that the tide would swallow our tent!

When you wake up, you’re in the middle of the obscenely beautiful landscape that is Maui. You’ll be enjoying this view all day and all the beaches are spectacular!

So what are you waiting for? Hawaii doesn’t have to be so expensive.

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First leg on the road trip – from Copenhagen to Alicante

We started directly from after our respective Christmas lunches with our families. Said goodbye to our parents and to all the people that told us this was a bad idea and why didn’t we just fly?

At 20:30 (8.30pm) we had made it across the ferry to Germany. I took the first leg and before we knew it, going 180km/t on the German autobahn, we had made it to Liege, Belgium. The gas mileage dropped from 18km/L to about 12km/l but the average speed was above 150km/t according to the car computer.

Belgium had some of the most empty roads I’ve ever seen. Not a car going the opposite direction for up towards 10 mins and lots of empty parking lots. Didn’t see a rest stop or a gas station either for several 100 kms but luckily we had enough gas. At 04:30 (am) we hit Luxembourg and had a local waffle and beer (Bofferding beer) and I went to bed on the back seat.

They were delicious
Waffles and Beer at a rest stop in Luxembourg

When I woke up about 9 hours later we were on the border to spain. We had passed France while I slept and from the sporadic conversations I had heard from the front seat, French drivers are really bad drivers. Mileage was now up to 18km/l due to the more moderate average speed of 120km/t

I took over driving again and 8 hours later at 22:00 (10pm) we checked in to a hostel in Alicante, Spain.

In Alicante, we had the most awesome tapas and beer and Sangria. All tapas was 90 eurocents and all beers were 30 cents. The waiters were running around with beer and tapas of various kinds, chicken, squid, anchovies, ham, sausages etc. and whenever you wanted some you just grabbed it from the plate. In the end they counted the empty glasses and the empty plates to get the final bill. Such a simply concept and such brilliant food for so little money. Why can’t we have this in Denmark!?

To sum up : in about 24 hours we had driven 2800km non-stop across 6 countries and had made it from the north of Europe to the Mediterranean Sea. Only about 6 hours driving and a ferry from Tarifa to Tangier and we are in Africa!

At a rest stop in France
In France they are very zealous about signs. I think I understand that this is the wrong way

Roadtrip to Morocco

Taking a roadtrip all the way to Morocco in Africa from the cold north of Denmark, Europe might at first glance seem like a fool’s errand. It’s more expensive, slower and more uncomfortable than flying. And to top it off we, me and two good buddies, only have 8 days which is barely enough to drive the 3200 km’s there and the 3200 km’s to get back again. So why even do it? The answer is simple – because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Just grab your car and drive to Africa. Tomorrow, on the 2nd day of christmas, after christmas lunch with the families we are heading off down the German autobahn, crossing through France and Spain (and possibly Switzerland or Belgium and Holland depending on the route) all the way to Algeciras, Spain. From there we will take the ferry to Tangier.

We don’t have much planned other than to celebrate New Years in Morocco which itself could turn out to be quite the experience, seeing as they don’t really celebrate it down there and also due to the fact that alcohol isn’t really such an incorporated part of their culture as is it is back home. Maybe smoke a shisha?

Alright then, but that’s it for now. Better get packing. Stay tuned for updates the next couple of days.

With satnav and bluetooth!
Our chariot for the trip