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icebergs and still water

Sea Kayaking in Antarctica!

I had never been sea kayaking before. Never. So when I was asked if I wanted to go sea kayaking on my trip to Antarctica my heart skipped a beat.

If you’ve followed me on my previous adventures you’ll know I have a habit of wanting to do something even more if common sense says you shouldn’t and so I said yes.

The group all together @ Portal Point

I reassessed the situation I was in. One week ago I hadn’t planned anything and now I was going on a trip to the final destination, the 7th continent. And I was going sea kayaking there. Less than 2 weeks later!

I especially remember one night @ Danco. It was after dinner. It was a completely blue sky and the sea was mirror calm. It was absolutely peaceful and that trip alone obliterated any holdbacks I might have previously had about sea kayaking.

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