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Sea Kayaking in Antarctica!

I had never been sea kayaking before. Never. So when I was asked if I wanted to go sea kayaking on my trip to Antarctica my heart skipped a beat.

If you’ve followed me on my previous adventures you’ll know I have a habit of wanting to do something even more if common sense says you shouldn’t and so I said yes.

The group all together @ Portal Point

I reassessed the situation I was in. One week ago I hadn’t planned anything and now I was going on a trip to the final destination, the 7th continent. And I was going sea kayaking there. Less than 2 weeks later!

I especially remember one night @ Danco. It was after dinner. It was a completely blue sky and the sea was mirror calm. It was absolutely peaceful and that trip alone obliterated any holdbacks I might have previously had about sea kayaking.

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A typical “Sea” day aboard an Antarctic cruise Expedition

note: picture gallery of entire trip here
note: full itinerary of cruise here 

penguin looking at cruise ship
Photo Credit: Yiwen

This blog is going to be a little different. It’ll be more of a “Captains log” style of post. I chose captain to keep a nautical theme. It’s simple a log of what would happen on a day at sea with no landings. I’ve described a landing day here.

On the way out we had a drake shake and it meant that about half the boat was seasick come the next morning.

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Life aboard an Antarctic cruise expedition

note: picture gallery of entire trip here
note: full itinerary of cruise here 

After crossing the Drake passage you’ll first reach the South Shetland islands which has large penguin breeding colonies. It’s interesting, it’s worth the visit but it’s not why I’m here. I can see breeding penguins in the zoo and breeding penguin wild life colonies in Argentina, South Africa or New Zealand. I’m here for the 7th continent.

antarctica 7th continent
I’ve reached my 7th continent, Antarctica.

It has always been my dream and finally the expedition leader would announce over the loud speakers that if you looked port side you’d be able to see land.

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