Warsaw, vodka and visas

As always. There is loads of information to be gotten by checking our travel log:

To sum it up so you wont have to read twice: We ended up couchsurfing at a sweet polish girl named kasia and her boyfriend and her roommate Pawel. We also met up with a friend of mine from earlier, Anna, and finally we did very little sightseeing and… drumroll: WE GOT OUR VISAS and passports back from the belarussian embassy.

kasia and her boyfriend
kasia and her boyfriend

There is so much to tell in so few days its impossible to get it all down in writing. Many vodkas were drunk and many laughs were made!

I’ll just dive into one detail that concerned us the most: our visas.

Still a little hungover from the night before we entered the belarussian embassy at 1pm . We saw from the polish track and trace that our letter is not delivered and that it had been sent out for delivery again the same morning.

Our heats pounced as we went to the teller to see if she knew anything. we didnt stay at the counter for long before she knew who we were. “are you the danish people?”.Reluctantly we answered yes to which she continued “first of all.we are not a post office!, and second of all ,visa application is between 9-12. come back tomorrow”. Well apparently they have the visas but also apparently she wasnt happy!

Afraid to hear the answer we asked if the visas could be done before tuesday evening (one day after) as we had to catch a train… Still not fully convinced we left the embasssy after a short “DA” (russian for yes). She wasnt happy but after all itwas good news.They had all the docments and we could get them in time.

That night we celebrated

Tuesday morning we got up at 7am and were at the embassy at 8:30.After 1,5 hours we got in and got in line at the “english” counter. Another guy from Slovenia was there and we asked him how hard it was to which he replied : “you have no idea!!!”.He promptly got rejected for the third time for him and now it was our turn.

We got up to the counter and didnt say a word as she just looked at us : ah,you. She recognized us from the day before and knew what to do. She got back with our applications and asked for two signatures. we gave them and she gave us our 80 euros back… we didnt know why but we soon found out. we couldnt pay cash. she gave us a note and told us to go a nearby bank and transfer the money so we did.

the note and money
the note and money

Not too thrilled to look into another 1,5 line of waiting to deliver the receipt we walked to the front of the line and i asked the guard to let us in (i didnt say anything i just waved the receipt) and luckily (!) he let us in! 5minutes later i was out and we got the magic stamp. We could pick them up at3 the same day


line outside embassy
line outside embassy


After a nice day in the park

the park
the park

we got our passports!!


we couldnt believe how lucky we were.

Tonight we will celebrate

tomorrow we will continue our journey towards moscow!


NOTE: during this whole time we had alot of back up plans. flying to minsk as you can get instant visa there, flying to moscow, flying home to get the passports if the package was returned home, and of course bribing our way across the border .. but luckily we didnt have to!

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Waking up in Warsaw!


Today we woke up in Warsaw! Not only did we hitchhike from denmark to warsaw in a about 30 hours, we also ended up meeting the nicest truck driver and his family. His name is Cristoph and at the time of writing we are sitting at his computer in his house with his kids running around and all is good 🙂

This is Cristoph:

As luck would have it, their neighbours daughter were having a party and we were invited. Its the one in “red” that just turned 21.


We brought some danish “1enkelt” and some polish sobiesky vodka and we were good to go.

Remember to follow our travel diary which also has a great description of what showed to be one of the most adventurous and exciting days of my life:


But to sum it all up we are now ready to embark on more adventures in Poland. Including the whole “getting our passports” problem mentioned earlier. The only thing we know is that the mail with our passports have been “delayed”..

Thats it for now!




Pre-trip preparations!

ENGLISH: This is the only post from my trans-siberian railroad adventures that is in Danish. Skip it if you don’t know danish! 🙂



Det er dagen fĂžr afrejse. Alting er pakket. Ferien er planlagt. Arbejdet har sagt god for at man er vĂŠk 3 uger, og de sidste opgaver er lĂžst. Ingen hĂŠngepartier, og selv skraldet har man vĂŠret ude med.

Det er sÄ her vi lÞber ind i problemer, for vi har da et par smÄting som ikke er helt som de skulle vÊre.  Lad os starte fra begyndelsen.

Vores store forkromede plan er at tomle fra KÞbenhavn til Trelleborg i Sverige og videre med fÊrgen fra Trelleborg til Swinoujscie. Derefter skal vi tomle til Warszawa, hvor vi let og elegant henter vores pas med Hviderussisk visum i pÄ den hviderussiske ambassade, og fortsÊtter rejsen med tog mod Moskva gennem hviderusland (26 timers togrejse).

Vel ankommet til Moskva gĂ„r turen med den transsibirske jernbane fra Moskva til Ulan-Bataar i Mongoliet. Dette involverer 2 stop i henholdsvis Yekaterinburg og Irkutsk, tager 2 uger, er ca 4Âœ dags ren togrejsetid og omkring 8000km. Turen gĂ„r gennem bĂ„de den sibirske tundra og den mongolske Gobi Ăžrken. Til sidst flyver vi hjem og ankommer tilbage i KĂžbenhavn 3 uger efter vi tog afsted.

Tilbage til problemerne, eller rettere problemet. Vi har ikke vores pas, og vi har ikke fÄet vores hviderussiske visum endnu. Begge dele er nemlig pÄ vej til Warszawa i et brev. ForhÄbentligvis har de processeret det hele nÄr vi kommer derned. Vi skal afsted med tog onsdag fra Moskva, sÄ visummet skal ligge klar tirsdag. Ambassaden siger det tager 2 dage med ekspress, og post Danmark siger at brevet er dernede 2-3 dage efter det er sendt (ogsÄ med ekspress). LÊgger man det sammen giver det 5 dage, og vi sendte brevet onsdag (altsÄ har vi torsdag, fredag, mandag og tirsdag som fulde arbejdsdage). Der er ikke meget plads til problemer! Derudover lykkedes det os ikke at finde ud hvordan man betalte, sÄ pengene de 80 EUR ligger bare nede i konvolutten.
Nu er det sĂ„ bare at vente. ForhĂ„bentligvis nĂ„r brevet frem, forhĂ„bentligvis brokker post danmark sig ikke over at der er kontanter i brevet, forhĂ„bentligvis mangler vi ikke noget dokumentation til den hviderussiske ambassade, forhĂ„bentligvis nĂ„r de at blive fĂŠrdige med det inden vi skal med toget videre mod Moskva, forhĂ„bentligvis er det ikke et problem at krydse grĂŠnsen til Polen uden pas, og til sidst forhĂ„bentligvis nĂ„r vi at komme til Warszawa pĂ„ tommelfingeren inden tirsdag…. forhĂ„bentligvis.

Alt i alt en spĂŠndende start, men til det er der kun at sige:



Og jeg mangler stadig at gĂ„ ud med skraldet…