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Thor Winther is an engineer by profession but has been travelling the world full time since late 2015. He is the author of, a blog focused on budget/backpacking solo round-the-world travelling.

Hello world!

Hello World!

Why did I make this blog? Well the short answer is that I’ve been travelling around and people always ask me for pictures and stories and I’ve been really bad at sharing it 🙂

Then a frisbee friend of mine (Line) did some travelling letters from her travels around Asia and it worked out really well. Very interesting to read it, and so i’ve decided to do something similar. However – I’m doing it bloggy style to have a little more flexibility when it comes to pictures and because I don’t like the idea of Facebook being the one and only hub of all my communication!

Best regards, hope you enjoy:)

Andreas Winther

North Vietnam Roadtrip April 2017

What is this!?

I’m on another trip to north vietnam! This time together with Amy!

It will be around 2 weeks and will be to many of the same spots but also some new ones. Since it’s shorter we’ll probably skip the left part of the north and focus on cao bang and hi giang.

Day 1

 Day 2


 Day 3


 Day 4


 Day 5


 Day 6


 Day 7

Day 7 was spent just hiking around Dong Van!

 Day 8


 Day 9

For some reason this is creating trouble to plot but we went all the way from Dong Van to Ha Giang City. A 150km long, very mountainous ride!!

 Day 10

 Day 11

 Day 12

 Day 13

 Day 14